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green rings

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green rings

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-Aquamarine (8mm)

-Rose Quartz Bunny (11 x 16mm)




-Aquamarine :

Help you uncover deeper truth, especially parts that cause you traumas 

Powerful for cleansing emotional body and opening communication

It will ward off old traumas, help you move forward without fear

Crystal is associated with honesty, communication, compassion, self-empowerment and intuition 

Properties will provide needed support in dealing with people and different problems 

Will give you courage during hard times & helps with manifestation 

Most powerful crystal for cleansing and activation crystals for chakras 

Helps balance excessive anger or fear, clears past emotional, physical or verbal abuse

Cleansing energy removes resistance and helps one overcome fear of unknown 

Helps release emotional baggage and Dispels emotional numbness 

Helps you relax, increases happiness and brighten aura


-Rose Quartz:

Restores trust and harmony in all kinds of relationships 

Improving close connections 

Good for those who struggle with low self-esteem or self-worth

Encourage love, respect, trust, and worth within oneself

Restores confidence, balances emotions, releases stress, tension, anger etc

Supports you if you are grieving for the loss of a loved one 

Helps those who feel a sense of betrayal or emotional trauma

Good luck charm for making and keeping of wealth and abundance in all areas of life 

Excellent for starting a new business or project 

Make sure to have it with you when you are going for a job interview, signing a deal, presentation, etc

Helpful when you are about to make a decision that might change your life 

Has strong intuitive energies, it’ll attract good luck, especially if you are looking for something to give you strong monetary returns



100% authentic crystals.

The inclusions are normal.

It also varies from different shades of colours. 

The prices depend on the rarity of each crystal.