Honey Peach
Honey Peach

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Honey Peach

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-Rose Agate Peach(12x15mm)




Associated with luck and good fortune 

Good luck crystal when you are joining competitions 

In workplaces, this crystal can bring opportunities for promotion 

Dispels stress or fear and protects you from anyone or anything that will drain your finances and your energy 

Sunstone can encourage your self-belief and the best way to attract good luck

Stone of romance 

Go-to stone to change your love life 

Can turn a problematic relationship into a strong and loving one

Enhances the power of attraction.

Tip: Always wear this bracelet with you

Helps you become a more passionate and sensitive lover 

Crystal melts away feelings of insecurity and unworthiness, as well as fears of being abused and abandoned 

Crystal balances emotional patterns and helps you transform into someone that's worthy of loving and being loved

Helps you release thoughts and feelings that are not good for you and your relationship

Crystal will turn your hatred into love, and anger into joy 

It will open your eyes to the real meaning of love



100% authentic crystals.

The inclusions are normal.

It also varies from different shades of colours. 

The prices depend on the rarity of each crystal.