Strawberry Cherry Crystal Bracelet
Strawberry Cherry Crystal Bracelet

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Strawberry Cherry Crystal Bracelet

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-Citrine (8mm)

-Strawberry Quartz (8mm)

-Straberry Quartz Cherry



-Strawberry Quartz:

Brings sense of calm and tranquility during times of stress

Form strong attachments and friendships

Amplifies intentions of love, appreciation and generosity

Radiate energies outward and influence your environment and people around you

Helps strengthen bond between parents and offspring and supports parents in setting healthy boundaries

Promotes inner strength and positivity

Remove distractions in mind so you can fully focus on task at hand

Crystal of good luck and fortune – Invite more prosperous energies

Attracts abundance of money to household

Gentle, nurturing vibration helps in search for soulmate or perfect love partner

Helps you look at life experiences with love, acceptance, and joy

Bring emotions into harmony so you can live life with increased appreciation and gratitude for all that life brings

Attracts and enhance loving and caring nature, eliminate anything of negative nature

Stone for love, helps you find perfect love partner 







Replete creativity 

Excellent tool to bring positive energies to areas where you suspect you’ve negativity 

Symbolizes sunrays and joyful energies 

Carries power of sun, cheers you up

Helps facilitate prosperous occurrences all year round 

Cleanse and regenerate your spiritual self 

Self improvement and self healing

Boosts self worth and self discipline

Gracefully accepts constructive criticism and courageously act on them 

Helps you find solutions to your problems

Analyse situations and digest information

Inspires you to be optimistic no matter what

Protective of its wearer, will ward off any emotional or mental threats


100% authentic crystals.

The inclusions are normal.

It also varies from different shades of colours. 

The prices depend on the rarity of each crystal.