Amazing! World famous paintings actually reproduce on butterfly wings

Amazing! World famous paintings actually reproduce on butterfly wings

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The Mexican artist Cristiam Ramos created on real butterfly wings. This move attracted everyone's attention, and the world famous paintings were reproduced on butterfly wings, which looked amazing.

Are you marveling at the artist's work?
In fact, as long as you can think of, you can also become an artist
So hurry up and use your artistic cells
Grab a paintbrush and go creative!

It is reported that the wings of each butterfly are only 12 cm long. In addition to being small, they have complicated textures. This is a big challenge for artists to paint on them. According to Ramos, it takes him 56 hours to paint the classic paintings on each butterfly wing carefully and meticulously.

Ramos said that he has been fascinated by butterflies since he was a child, and was amazed by the colorful colors and complex texture changes of butterfly wings. And as he grew up, this kind of love has not diminished. In addition, regarding the source of the butterfly wings, Ramos said: “The well-preserved butterflies I paint now are mailed to me by fans from all over the world.”

For us, among the works of Ramos, the most prominent ones should be the famous works "Mona Lisa" and "Lady Holding Silver Rat" by Da Vinci, which are portrayed on each side of the butterfly's wings. Although the work is small, Ramos perfectly shows the essence of the painting. 

Each wing of the butterfly is about 12 cm long, so Ramo needs to use a magnifying glass to ensure that the details of the painting are correct. He is very careful every time he writes. When the average time to paint on each wing was 56 hours, at the beginning, he couldn’t grasp the blending of the pigments, and the brittleness of the butterfly wings made it difficult for him to paint. Sometimes the painting was broken, and he would start over again, once again. Repeated again and again, never giving up!

Butterflies are a symbol of change, joy, and the changing colors of life. Butterflies go through an amazing metamorphosis and gradually transform until new creature emerges as a beautiful butterfly symbolizing a rebirth.

Their fluttering dance is a reminder not to take life too seriously. it bring us
strength, hope, consolation, healing and inspiration to others.

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