What's your birthstones and how to select one?

What's your birthstones and how to select one?

Among the most popular styles of jewelry today, are timeless birthstones. Not only can they add color and elegance to your outfit, they also gives meaning to your personality.

Traditionally each month is associated with one birthstone.Birthstones carry secrets, attributes and lore that are unique to each gemstone. The wearing of birthstones is thought to bring good luck, good health, and protection.

Birthstones are gems that are associated with a birth month, each stone has a unique meaning and significance. One thing that every person has in common, no matter when they were born, is that everyone has a birthstone which represents a person’s period of birth that is usually the month or zodiac sign. Like horoscope signs, when you ask someone “what is your birthstone?” they almost always know the answer. Today you will commonly see birthstones in jewelry pieces like rings, pendants, bracelets, or earrings as reminders to celebrate your birth month all year long. Birthstones are a part of modern society and since ancient times it is widely believed that wearing your birthstone is a symbol of wellness and good fortune.

There are twelve birthstones that correspond to each month of the year. Here they are.

January - Garnet

  • This signifies true friendship and trust, making it a perfect gift for a friend.
  • It came from a Latin word that means seed because it resembles a pomegranate seed

February – Amethyst

  • This is a gem that ancient Greeks and Romans believed to be very useful in warding off the intoxicating powers of Bacchus, the god of wine and merrymaking
  • It's known to symbolize royalty and enables the wearer to be clear headed

March – Aquamarine

  • People used to believe that this gem can help protect sailors and assure safe journey for them
  • Its cool shade of blue makes it perfect to compliment your summer outfits
  • It is also said to make the wearer feel calm

April – Diamond

  • Diamonds are known to be the hardest mineral in the planet,  opposite talc.
  • This gem is quite popular these days as a wedding or anniversary gift.
  • Make sure to choose the best kind. Consider the cut and the radiance

May – Emerald

  • It's a symbol of rebirth and good fortune
  • It can also grant the wearer foresight and youth.  A perfect for birthstone jewelry.

June – Pearl

  • Ever since the ancient times, pearls have adorned the jewelry pieces of the royalty.
  • Known to cultivated in living things instead of the mines, this gem is very special and it also requires no polishing

July – Ruby

  • Known to guarantee health, wisdom, wealth and success in love
  • A very durable gem, it's one of the hardest stone in the world, only blow the diamond. This makes it perfect for everyday wear

August – Peridot

  • Known to have healing properties and can grant the wearer magical properties
  • Can grant the owner power and influence

September – Sapphire

  • Can help protect your loved ones from envy and harm
  • It is known to symbolize heaven and is associated with gifts from God

October – Pink Tourmaline

  • Tourmaline is the modern October birthstone. These gems come in many varieties and colors, including beautiful multicolored stones.

November – Citrine

  • Known as the healing quartz
  • It's known to support health and vitality

December – Blue Topaz

  • Has varying colors and transparency, from greenish blue to sky blue and from transparent to opaque.

Birthstones, aside from being beautiful, are filled with stories and traditions in them. So, if you want to make your next anniversary gift extra special, why not give them a jewelry piece with their birthstone. I'm sure they will appreciate it.

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