What is the shape of your love?

What is the shape of your love?

What is the shape of your love? Gift given to her right? The answer here!

Love is unpredictable. To say it is complicated because it has many faces; to say it is simple, because of your love, the ring can understand it best. As a symbol of love for hundreds of years, the ring reflects the brilliance of love in the world in thousands of styles.



Want to know what type of love YOU & TA belong to? Want to know which ring cut shape your love corresponds to?


 1、"Realistic Considerations for Round Rings"

For "modernist" lovers, consideration of reality has become an important criterion for love. According to surveys, this type of love pattern is widely recognized by different genders and ages. In the eyes of most young people, love is important and bread is also needed.


Similarly, round natural diamonds have the characteristics of high value preservation due to their enduring style, which perfectly corresponds to the economic needs of "realism". In addition, the circular shape makes the refractive index uniform, reflecting the realistic vision of love with a balanced consideration of love, money and other aspects.

The whole oriental aesthetics is also a kind of "Life Aesthetics" from the root.

ViviRoco Halo Oval Cut 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring 

ViviRoco Halo Oval Cut 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring

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2、"The interdependence of square rings"

Unlike the fierceness of romantic love, "friendship love" is usually formed from close friendship. For this type of lovers, spiritual trust and friendship are very important, which is also widely recognized in the survey. The exclusive diamond of "Friendship and Love" is the non-square diamond.


The round and soft shape of the square cut exudes a soft and harmonious temperament, reflecting the trust, intimacy and long flow of friendship and love; secondly, its shape like a pillow or cushion can also be regarded as a support for the mutual support between "friendship and love" lovers. Kind of metaphor.

ViviRoco Halo Emerald Cut 925 Sterling Sliver Engagement Ring     ViviRoco Radiant Cut 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Set

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3、 "The purity of pear-shaped rings"

Love can not only help each other, but also ask for nothing in return—just like giving love. The love of dedication is pure and selfless, and only seeks happiness for each other. This one-way dedication is just like the low-key pear-shaped diamond.


The shape of the pear-shaped cut is like a drop of water, reminiscent of the obscure "dedication of love" like a light spring rain. According to the survey results, men are more inclined to give than women, reflecting the influence of mainstream social concepts on the perception of contemporary love patterns.

ViviRoco Halo Pear Cut 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Set

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4、"The ultimate romance of a heart-shaped ring"

Throughout all kinds of love, "Romanticism" has an irresistible attraction. This type of lover is usually romantic and passionate. According to the survey results, "romantic love" is also the most recognized type of love by Chinese youth, and heart-shaped natural diamonds fit this type of love best.


In modern life, "romantic love" has become an "unrealistic" luxury. The heart-shaped natural diamond is also regarded as a challenging purchase because of its high cut requirements, but when its cut reaches the standard, its luster is bright, just like the passion of romantic love. Love your heart, bang bang bang!

ViviRoco Halo Heart Copper Engagement Ring

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